About this fool

Who the f...?


Hey there! First explanation of the name:

<OhFool> aka <OhYouPoorFool> aka <awful>

Thi is mostly to fulfill my internal need of summing up thoughts and daily learnings. Why the name? Because I believe that the more we learn, the more aware we are of how stupid we are. But what is more important… how stupid other people are 😀 Read as “awful”, as this is often a feeling you get when you learn something terrible about yourself.

Topics include:

  • stupid stories with morals from around my environment (mostly computer science)
  • biases in our head and how stupid we really are
  • my daily learning, which make say “holy fuck” - mostly from books, thoughts and inspired by other fools around
  • everything I’d feel important to tell myself as a story, especially if a GIF matches the content perfectly!

The idea is simple - learn something, and try to explain + give my real life examples for a given case.

Have fun!

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